Finding your ideal dress within your budget

Some of us have always had an image in our minds of what we wanted to wear on our wedding days, others  haven’t really thought about it. So where do you start. The process can be a little daunting – especially if you start at a large showroom, on a Saturday with an entourage in tow.

Here are a few tips for finding that perfect dress within your budget.

  1. Do preliminary research
    1. Browse magazines and website searching for ideas of dresses that suit your wedding style or theme
    2. Short list your target stores and make appointments if necessary
    3. Keep an open mind about styles until you start trying things on as you may be surprised at what really suits your body
  2. Ask for sales staff help
    1. Bridal sales staff can be a great source of help. If they really  know their products they should be able to suggest styles that will suit your body shape
    2. During you first few initial outings at stores, let the sales staff know you have just started looking and are interested in what they think will look good on you. Keep an open mind when trying things on as you may be surprised
    3. Make sure you discuss the style, feel or theme for your day as you don’t want to be trying on a traditional gown with cathedral length train if you are having a simple garden ceremony.
  3. Doing the leg work
    1. It can be an overwhelming experience trying on wedding gowns especially when it comes to putting veils on (and especially if you are not sure if you want one), so try and go looking and trying on gowns during the week. Saturdays’ are generally crazy which can make it even more overwhelming.
    2. Doing the ground work buy yourself to work out a few styles you like may be a good idea that way you can bring a friend or your mother back once you have a short list.
  4. Getting Opinions
    1. Take a friend with you who will give you an honest opinion about what suits you, but who also understands your personal style.
    2. Don’t ask for too many opinions as it can be very confusing. You will know when you have found your dress without the need for anyone else’s opinion.  I love it when you see the look in a brides face when she just loves her gown.
  5. Your gown within budget
    1. Keep your budget in mind when selecting bridal stores to try on gowns at. There are a variety of stores around that cater for different budgets.
    2. Make sure you ask about lay-by periods and if there is any discount for full upfront payment
    3. Ask questions about alteration costs and if possible get a written quote at the time of ordering

By Rebecca Richardson, owner and designer at Penny Lane Bridal boutique located in Morningside, Brisbane. Penny Lane Bridal is an online and retail boutique that offers a range of wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and accessories at affordable prices. We stock traditional, contemporary and beach/garden style gowns ranging in price from $399 to $1799.  The large majority of our products are available online at so you can do that research before visiting us in store.

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