Choosing Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake has been an integral part of wedding celebrations for generations. When you start your search for your wedding cake, you will be presented with an overwhelming range of choice. While a wedding cake was traditionally a fruit cake, your choices now are almost unlimited and the decoration can range from cakes with simple elegance to those with elaborate decoration and design.

To decide on the type of cake you want, you need to make certain decisions –

  • Would you like a formal/traditional or funky/fun cake?
  • How many guests will there be?
  • Is it to be served for dessert or with coffee?  If dessert is not included in the wedding package, then mud cake served with ice cream or cream and a fruit coulis makes a spectacular dessert.
  • What type of cake you would like, perhaps a different flavour for each tier?  Don’t be worried if you have special requirements, these can be catered for too!
  • How much WOW factor do you want? Three or four tiers look spectacular, but of course are dearer.  You may like to choose a two tier and consider hiring a china or silver base, your venue may be able to supply these.
  • Choose your theme – if your dress is ivory choose ivory fondant instead of white and perhaps match to your cake?  Or how about matching the ribbon colour to the bridesmaids’ dresses.  Your theme could also be incorporated with a topper – perhaps there is something special to you and your groom?
  • Cup cakes are very popular but they are dearer because they take more time.  Some cake makers charge a hire fee for the cup cake stand, others have cost redeemable on return.
  • Check if the decorations, ribbons etc are included in the price.  The cheapest cake would be a two tier round with fresh or simple flowers on the top with ribbons.  The more elaborate the cake the higher the cost.
  • Cakes covered with chocolate shards or chocolate ganache need to be refrigerated, however if the ganache is covered with white fondant it doesn’t need refrigeration.

Get more advice about Wedding Cakes from Erin at Cakes n Flowers.

Wedding Cupcakes on a stand

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