Top Five Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Hairdresser

Having your hair look perfect for your wedding day is high on most Bride’s priorities, but how do you choose the right hairdresser for your wedding day. Louise from Lou Lou Hair Design has these 5 tips:-

  1. Look at recommendations from friends and family and look at their web site
  2. Ask what experience have they had in this field of work? – You want a hairdresser that specializes in wedding hair, not in colouring etc. You can usually tell by the experience of weddings by their portfolio. Make sure your hairdresser’s main field is hairdressing and not originally make-up with only a couple of years experience in hair!
  3. Ask to see their portfolio and look at their style of work. If you do not see anything similar to what you want, ask if the hairdresser has anything she may have done in the past to show you.
  4. Ask how many weddings will they do on the day of your wedding? You don’t want a hairdresser  rushing from your wedding to the next!
  5. Look for a quick response, this means you won’t have to worry about chasing them!

Get more information and advice from Lou Lou Hair Design at the Planning Your Perfect Wedding Event at River Park Place 10.00 am 6th March 2011. Book your place here.

bride having hair styled

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