Sorting out the Guest List

Working out who to invite and who not to invite to your wedding can be a difficult process, family politics and relationships can complicate your decision making. You can find yourself thinking:-

  • If we invite this person do we have to invite these people?
  • Should we invite so and so’s new partner?
  • There are more from this family than that family, is that fair?
  • What about the kids?

and the list goes on.

Ultimately these are questions that you have to answer yourself, but it can help to remember the two important points that we made in the planning your perfect wedding post (its your wedding and the most important thing is that you get married). Some ideas that may help you work through the potential dilemmas

  1. You don’t have to include a plus one. While your invitations should probably include long time partners of your guests, you don’t need to include a partner if it is a new relationship and you definitely don’t need to say plus one in case they may have someone to bring.
  2. You don’t need to invite every relation. If you are trying to limit numbers, draw a line, for example invite Uncles and Aunties but cut your cousins. You don’t need to invite relations that you rarely see and with whom you have little connection.
  3. Especially if your guest list is difficult to control, you can invite everybody to the ceremony but only invite the most important people to the reception.
  4. If you have a number of guests with young children and you are concerned about children at the reception, find a space and arrange a baby sitter for the children.
  5. If you have guests who have to travel, send them an invitation and a note saying that while you would love to have them attend but understand that it may not be practical for them to make the trip.
  6. If you have a number of guests travelling see if a group travel or hotel bookings can be arranged to reduce costs.

Your wedding should be an event to be witnessed and celebrated by those who are important to you, not a free for all for hangers on. Careful planning of the guest list should help you achieve this.

photo of outdoor wedding ceremony

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