Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer is an important decision in your wedding planning. Your wedding photos are your lasting record the day. They are your memories captured for the future.

Finding the right photographer isn’t easy, there are many to choose from and they can offer a huge range of different options. If you find the right person, you will have photos that you will want to show to everyone and will evoke happy memories of your wedding day, but choose the wrong photographer and your memories will always be tainted by the bad experience.

You have to find someone who you trust to be able to capture your day, the way you want. The important points you need to look for in choosing your photographer can be summerised as looking at the 5P’s – Photographs, Personality, Professionalism,  Products and Price.


Photographers will naturally show you their best work, they would be crazy to do otherwise. If their best work does not appeal to you, then you don’t need to go any further.

If their photographs are good, you need to look at the style of the photos. Try to imagine yourself in the photos – do you fit in?  If you are wanting relaxed casual photos, you need to see photos that have a relaxed casual feeling. If you want edgy, artistic shots or something more traditional, that is what you need to see. If the photographs don’t match your style, describe what you would like and ask if they can show you something that is right for you.


One of the most important factors in deciding on your photographer, and a factor that will effect how your photos will look, is personality. A good photographer will help you relax. The more you relax, the more relaxed and natural you will look in your photos. Spending your wedding day with someone who is irritating or rude to you or your guest is a recipe for disaster. Meet your photographer and talk to them, do they make you feel comfortable and relaxed?


Paying for a professional photographer entitles you to expect that they will behave in a professional manner. You should be provided with a contract that sets out exactly what you have to pay, when to pay it and full details of what you will receive and when you will receive it. You should also have all of your questions answered confidently and be offered suggestions about ways of covering the different parts of your day.

Most importantly, you should be confident that they are prepared and have back up equipment, back up plans to cover bad weather and the ability to react quickly to changing circumstances.


You should have your photos displayed the way you want, whether it be a beautiful, custom designed album filled with all your favourite wedding photos or canvas prints for your wall, you should choose a photographer who can provide what you want. There are so many wonderful ways to present your photos that it is almost impossible to cover all of the possibilities. If the photographer doesn’t show you something that you want, ask them whether they can provide the product. Most are happy to supply you with what you want.


Money plays a part in all of your wedding decision making and, obviously, you need to make your choices based on what you can afford. However, your photos are one of the few items in your wedding budget that are an investment rather than an expense. Their value to you will grow into the future.

It can be a good idea to look at photographers who are above and below your price range to see if they offer better value for your money. Look at exactly what is included in the package, what quality are the products and what extras are you likely to want and what will they cost? The most economical package is not always the cheapest. If you find the right photographer, you can always examine your budget to see if you can shift your priorities to fit in extra investment.

When you find the photographer who meets all of your requirements, you know that you will have found a person that you can trust with capturing the perfect wedding photos for you.

Bride and groom walking through ferns

The 5P’s concept based on a post about the 5P’s on PhotoLoveCat by Jillian Cocklin of Jillian Kay Photography

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4 Responses to Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

  1. Hi, thanks for the post, I can see it is a well thought out guide for all the brides to be out there. I just wanted to say how much i agree with your second point – personality. You can always tell great photos because they make the couple look natural and comfortable. I think that is becaue the couple and the photographer have a good relationship and this comes out in the photos. Thanks for the post. Rob

    • elitestudio says:

      Glad you liked the post and I agree about the personality being important. I think that it is the point that is often overlooked because you can’t easily find out about someone’s personality on the internet.

  2. Being that we already seem to be sharing factors regarding Choosing Your Wedding Photographer | Planning Your Perfect Wedding, Photography is more than just a hobby for many people, and can be a lucrative career. There are different areas of photography you can work in, with wedding photography as one of the most popular. Wedding photography can be incredibly stressful, as you get hired to capture memories for the most special day of a couple’s lives. They are not going to get this day back, and are expecting you to take beautiful pictures they can treasure forever.

    • elitestudio says:

      I agree that people expect beautiful photos that they can treasure, that’s why it is so important to find the right photographer for them. I hope that this article and other information on the site can educate couples so that they are less likely to make decisions that they regret.

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