Ceremony Choices

Where to have your ceremony is a major decision. So many choices how do you decide? A good first step is to think about the style of wedding your are wanting – a church is the obvious choice if you are after a traditional feel, but it is not the only choice.

You can have your ceremony just about anywhere you like but you do need to take your guests into consideration! What do I mean by this – for example if you have a lot of elderly relatives attending your wedding it is probably best to avoid long walks to the location and ensure you have enough chairs for them to be comfortable, do any of your guests require wheelchair access, or are there a lot of small children to consider? If all your guests are young they may be happy to stand for the entire ceremony but remember your guests will be there for longer than just the ceremony and standing can be tiring even for relatively young people. Have you taken the weather and time of year into consideration – standing in the sun in summer can be very unpleasant, is there some shelter from the elements, is there a wet weather plan and a quick and effective way to contact all your guests if plans need to change suddenly? Beach weddings are lovely but remember not all your guests will be happy about sand in their shoes and the sound of crashing waves can drown out the vows.

That little chapel may be very cute and romantic, it has the charm of the church without the religion, it means you don’t need a wet weather plan and there is seating, but is it big enough for all your guests? If you have a large bridal party is there room up the front for them all?

If you have your heart set on a particular location it is a good idea to book it as soon as possible once you choose your date. This is especially true for the more popular churches some can be booked 18 months in advance. but remember there are lots of advantages to the traditional church wedding including not needing a wet weather plan.

When you consider your location remember to factor in all the costs associated your church wedding is usually all inclusive with the possible exeptions of flowers and music. If you choose to have civil ceremony you will need to hire a celebrant, possibly a location, chairs, carpets  and any other decoration required as well as arranging flowers and music and a possible wet weather venue. Civil ceremony or Religious ceremony it is entirely up to you but remember that this  is the important part of the day, this is where you get married.

wedding chapel

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