Family and friends helping at your wedding

Using your family and friends to supply products or services for your wedding day can be a great way to save money and can add a personal touch that may add meaning to your wedding day, but you need to carefully consider the full extent of what you are asking or they are offering before you proceed.

  • Are they really capable of doing the job to the standard that you want? There can be a big difference between a professional product and a home made one, for example there is a big difference between a birthday cake and a wedding cake. If there is any question about whether someone can do the job or not, a trial run (if possible) is a great idea to reassure both you and the person helping you.
  • Will this affect their enjoyment of your wedding day? Having someone help you can change their experience of your wedding day.  Does using a friend’s cool car for your wedding mean they can’t celebrate as they normally would at the reception?
  • What are the costs involved and who pays for it? Helping you can involve a cost, for example if someone offers to make your dress, the material needs to be purchased. Who pays? People may be happy to provide this as a gift, but you should discuss this first to ensure you are both on the same page. They may be thinking a simple satin gown while you are dreaming of imported silk and French lace.
  • If the something went wrong, would this change your relationship with the people involved? Things can go wrong, whether you are using a professional or a friend. If you have used a professional you can demand a refund or compensation, and then never have to deal with them again. Family or friends can’t be dealt with in the same way. Will your relationship with this person be effected by a mishap?
  • How important is it? It is much easier to take a risk on something that isn’t high on your list of priorities that something that you really value.  If you don’t care about dancing the night away at your reception, you may be happy to have an ipod with a good playlist, but if you want a real party atmosphere, a good DJ may be a better investment.
  • Is it worth it? When you think through the benefits of savings and emotional connections that you may gain against the possible downsides, how does it all stack up?

In the end it is a decision that only you can make, but if you have thought it through you can make a good choice that will make your wedding perfect.

photo of bride in classic wedding car

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