Choosing the right wedding suppliers

As you start planning your wedding you will quickly discover that there is often a huge choice of suppliers, but how do you find the right one for you? The right people can make your whole day run smoothly and be much more enjoyable, the wrong people can give you memories that you would prefer to forget.

Wedding suppliers can be divided into two basic groups, Service suppliers and Product suppliers, and what you need to look for varies with each group.

Service Suppliers are people such as your celebrant, photographer, function coordinator, hairdresser and make up artist, people who are with you on your wedding day. When trying to decide which service provider to choose you need to look at their personality as well as how well they can do their job. To use the photographer as an example – on your wedding day, your photographer will be with you for a large part of the day, usually from when you are getting ready through to the reception. Imagine the difference between having a photographer you are comfortable with and who can help you relax, compared to someone who makes you nervous and increase your stress levels. Your wedding day is very emotional, the smallest things can trigger an emotional response. You don’t need to add unnecessary irritation.

Product suppliers are suppliers whose product is more important than the people you deal with, such as your florist, dress shop and cake maker. While you should expect good service from these people, it is the quality and/or price of the product that should be the determining factor. For example, if the dress looks fabulous you can put up with an annoying shop assistant.

wedding cupcakes

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